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    With our Lissmac SMW535 we can perfectly grind, satin finish and in combination highly decorate aluminium sheets in the max. width of 1250mm (medium format).
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  • Projects

    As specialists for metalworking and metal finishing, LECHMANN ENGINEERING GmbH combines the fields of machining, forming, surface finishing and printing. Here we present some of our projects.
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  • The Aluminium Manufacture

    We plan, develop, produce, finish, print, assemble and advise on all aspects of the fascinating material of aluminium. From planning to assembly - everything from a single source!
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  • Mechanical production

    Whether cutting, punching, milling, grinding, engraving, turning, welding, sanding - we manufacture with both traditional and modern, computer-aided processes, which we have optimised and perfectly coordinated over the years.
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  • Finishing

    We offer you a unique spectrum of surface finishes: From mechanical processing with different sanding patterns, structures and gloss levels to various types of coatings and materials to the colour palette we have developed ourselves with standard colours, special colours and contemporary pastel shades.
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  • Digital printing

    Weather resistance, abrasion resistance and light fastness are among the very good end properties of the 4-colour system Untereloxal digital print.
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LECHMANN Engineering GmbH stands for perfection in aluminium for decades. From a facade to a simple key chain, as a manufacturer, we offer everything from a single source: we plan, develop, produce, refine, print, assemble and advise you on all topics related to this fascinating material. We realise customised solutions as well as series of several thousand pieces. We offer a variety of products and solutions perfectly adapted for your requirements.

We want to point the way to the time that lies ahead and we want to talk with you about aluminium and the future.


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Our service

  • planning
  • cutting
  • bending
  • blanking
  • milling
  • lathing
  • engraving
  • welding
  • grinding and brushing
  • polishing
  • scotching / micro-polishing
  • sanding
  • colour anodising
  • technical anodising
  • pickle and chromating
  • hard anodising
  • silk-screen printing
  • sub-anodised printing
  • digital printing
  • etching
  • embossing



Lechmann Engineering GmbH Location

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About us

The origins of LECHMANN Engineering GmbH go back to the 1920s. We are located in Berlin-Neukölln since 1997, easily accessible from the motorway junction Neukölln. The underground station Grenzallee and the S-Bahn station Berlin-Neukölln are within walking distance.


Woermannkehre 2, DE-12359 Berlin

+49 (0)30 68 97 98-0

+49 (0)30 68 97 98-22


office hours:
Mo-Fr: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. CEST/CET

goods receipt and delivery:
  Mo-Fr: 6:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. CEST/CET

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