New in our portfolio: Laser engraving

With the acquisition and commissioning of an ACI-Laser WorkstationProfessional, LECHMANN ENGINEERING now also offers laser engraving. This means that almost any design can now be engraved on a wide variety of materials with the highest precision and durability as well as at breathtaking speed.

Modernisation of the machinery

The modernisation of our machinery continues. We have purchased a new manual blasting cabin. The SMG 100 DUO S/D from MHG Strahlanlagen GmbH offers a maximum working area of 2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm (W x D x H).

For digital printing in aluminium, we now have a new MotionJet Pro 810+ with a maximum print area of 800 x 1300 mm at a resolution of 1440 x 1440 DPI.

Machinery continues to grow

The machinery of LECHMANN ENGINEERING GmbH has received further growth. A new 5-axis machining centre and a large-format Datron machine were successfully put into operation!

Expansion of the machine park

With the acquisition of a CTX410V Gildemeister lathe from DMG, a DMG DMU 50 EVO 5-axis machining centre and a DMG ecoMill 70 5-axis machining centre, LECHMANN ENGINEERING GmbH is expanding its machinery in the field of mechanical production and thus sees itself well positioned for the future!


gildemeisterCTX410V dmg50 ecoMill70
DMG CTX410V Gildemeister DMG DMU 50 EVO DMG ecoMill 70

Quality assurance with a system - Lechmann obtains ISO 9001:2015

Our quality management system has always regulated the work processes and test criteria for a continuous improvement process in our company.

It is important to us to meet the product and service requirements of our customers with impeccable quality and to be able to guarantee you sustainable and future-oriented development processes.

We currently document our quality standards with the DIN ISO 9001 certification and increase our competitiveness not only by making our internal processes transparent, but also by being open to new markets. We would like to thank our customers and suppliers for their mutual trust and will continue to stand for:
Best surfaces in shapes and colours.

Our certificate for your records:


DIN ISO 9001:2015