Writing and signs convey information and enable people to orientate themselves. Printing a character adds meaning to a surface.

When printing industrially manufactured products, the primary concern is to ensure the technical quality, such as durability or the legibility and sharpness of the contours.

We specialize in screen printing and sub-eloxal printing, which enables the realization of particularly high-quality and surface-resistant printing. We print on all surfaces and a wide variety of materials: signs, plaques, boards, panels, wayfinding systems, housings, devices, products.

Screen printing

Screen printing (traditionally: serigraphy) is a printing process in which the printing ink is applied to the material through a fine-meshed textile fabric using a wiper (rubber squeegee) (through-printing process). According to the image motif, the mesh openings are color-impermeable (closed) or open like a stencil. The color application can be varied through different fabric fineness and high color layer thicknesses can be achieved.

  • Half-print machine, Maximum measurements 800 x 700mm
  • Furthermore, we set up table screens for special requirements for you.


Sub-anodized printing

Sub-anodized printing is a combination of anodized and screen printing processes, in which the color is printed into the open anodized layer and then specially compressed. Abrasion-resistant, weatherproof, multi-colored prints are created within the anodized layer that are resistant to cleaning agents and grease.

  • Half-print machine, Maximum measurements 800 x 700mm
  • MotionJet Pro 810+, Maximum measurements 800 x 1300mm and Resolution of 1440 x 1440 DPI
  • Circular printing machine for sleeves and other round elements


UV printing

UV printing is a direct and digital printing in which the applied ink is hardened by ultraviolet light. The advantages lie primarily in the flexibility of the printing materials and that, in contrast to sub-anodized printing, it can print white. Due to the printing structure in layers, images and fonts can be touched, such as the braille.

With our Mimaki UJF-7151plus we can print an area of 710 x 510 mm with a resolution of 1,200 dpi.

UV Druck

Digital printing in aluminium

Weather resistance, abrasion resistance and light fastness are among the very good end properties of the 4-color system anodised digital print.

Application examples:

  • Advertising and inscriptions, billboards, magnetic boards, nameplates - also with sequential numbering
  • Information systems and model inscriptions, information panels & orientation boards, escape plans inside and outside of buildings, traffic maps, bus stop inscriptions
  • Art and design photos for all areas, color prints for interior design, outdoor advertising and facade design and much more
  • Industrial applications and automotive industry, front panels, housing refinement, electronic circuit diagrams

MotionJet Pro 810+, Maximum measurements 800 x 1300mm and Resolution of 1440 x 1440 DPI

digitaldruck sm

Inlay of Engraving

Engraving is suitable for the manufacture of signs, faceplates or in mold making with the finest logos and/or intricate geometric graphics.

A special 3D effect is achieved through the colored interpretation of engravings.

garvurfarbl sm


Etching is the chemical removal of material in the form of depressions on the surface of organic or inorganic materials by corrosive substances (acid). The light-sensitive resist is exposed using photographic film or directly using a laser beam.

aetzen2 sm