As an expert for metal working and finishing LECHMANN ENGINEERING GmbH is making up the fields of metal cutting, metal forming, surface finishing, metal print and laser marking. We support our customers in all processes, starting with the planning, through processing and finishing, to the assembly of the workpieces, all of which we carry out in-house. In the following, we present some projects that reflect this manufactory character.

robodev GmbH.

The robodev GmbH, which works in the field of modular and service robotics, has developed a system that can be integrated and put into operation in almost all manual workstations and production lines within a few hours like an intelligent automation kit.

It consists of intelligent mechatronic modules that can be combined with one another as desired and an innovative software assistant. The combination of different modules enables easy handling and quick adaptation in the event of changes.

For robodev, we take over the process of manufacturing the profiles, printing and anodizing, among other things. With that customer, our manufacturing and finishing skills become particularly clear!

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For audionet, the high-end manufacturer of hi-fi components, we developed and manufactured the housing for the PLANCK CD player, the WATT integrated amplifier and the separate AMPERE power supply. From the first sample to series production, we took over the development of the housing assemblies in close cooperation with the customer. The design specifications come from the design icon Hartmut Esslinger and we were able to implement them one-to-one. The high-quality aluminum housing with resonance-optimized, invisible screw fixation is manufactured by us completely in-house, both in terms of mechanical production and surface finishing.

Bild Audionet

Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH.

We manufacture aluminum components for Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH to the highest quality standards. The focus here is a smooth process between machining and surface treatment. With the help of our entire range of services, the assemblies are optimized and quality is increased at all levels, which is reflected in a lively exchange between customer and production.


ELAC Electroacustic GmbH.

This project was about the short-term implementation of the housing for the Miracord 90 record player from ELAC. For the company's 90th birthday, a very special record player was to be manufactured, which would commemorate the glorious decades of record player construction in Kiel. The black front and rear walls were completely manufactured by LECHMANN ENGINEERING. Everything had to fit here within a very short time and we are proud that we were once again able to successfully prove our efficiency and quality awareness in this project!

referenzen elac

T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG.

For T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG we manufacture the housing components of the R series in silver and black from aluminum. LECHMANN ENGINEERING GmbH takes over the complete production of the noble aluminum components for the perfect design experience, from the mechanical processing of the profiles to the surfaces, which are anodised in a special electrolytic high-gloss process.

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British embassy

Execution: 12 months

  • 600m2 all-glass front in polygonal design
  • 2.000 m2 “walkway- frontage” in elementary structure
  • 400 m2 steel-glass front
  • 3D-sheet front, bullet-resistant windows, doors, and frontage steel construction profile

botschaft sm

Aluminium Charity Box – „Pfandtastisch helfen“.

The green lacquered deposit box was implemented by the Berliner Sozialhelden e.V. and the Berliner Tafel e.V. as a charitable donation project. The boxes are now in use throughout Germany. The founder of the Berliner Sozialhelden e.V. Raul Krauthausen turned to LECHMANN to implement the charity box. In 2008, the young association even won the startsocial prize, which was presented by the Federal Chancellor.

pfandbox sm

ABSOLUT genius!

For the "Bottle Light Installation" (Team MADE), Lechmann Engineering GmbH manufactured the supporting structure for a huge light spectacle on Alexanderplatz. In the form of a huge vodka ABSOLUT bottle, several LED lamps were controlled, which resulted in an interesting light installation in their colors. Great concept and little time! Here we were able to prove our flexibility again!

Click here for the video!

absolut sm

Modular stand up and hook display

Complete advertising or presentation system made of aluminum in different variants. There is space for curved boxes (flyers or DIN A4 brochures) and holders for perforated paper cards the size of business cards. A full-surface print with the company logo and individual desired motifs is realized via digital printing.


The LECHAMNN foosball table

LECHMANN Engineering manufactured a foosball table with a gold anodised cover and twisted handles with a ribbed feel. The aluminum playing field was also manufactured and printed in-house. The kicker can be offered in different anodized color editions and can be engraved and/or printed with the customer's logo. Special patterns and motifs can also be printed on the pitch using digital sub-eloxal printing.

Our possibilities:

  • Individual assembled foosball table
  • Color of the cover & handles (e.g. in your company colors)
  • Print motifs for the playing surface
  • Front or side engraving
  • ... for events / in the foyer / break room / private etc.

kicker sm