Colours anodisation

A combination of the anodising process with colouring (absorption dyes and alternating current colouring) offers a wide range of design, functional and aesthetic possibilities with a graceful surface (housings, dials, front panels, jewellery...).


Machining dimensions up to max. 4000 x 1000 x 500 mm

Machining dimensions up to max. 700 x 700 x 500 mm

Natural colouring Combination colouring
EV1 – Nature EV1 natur EVF – Yellow EVF Gelb
Inorganic colouring   EVF – Lime green EVF Lindgr
EV2 – Champagne ev2 champagner EVF – Medium green EVF Mittelgr
EV3 – Gold ev3 gold EVF – Boston green EVF Bostongr
Electrolytic staining   EVF – Turquoise EVF T
C31 – Stainless steel-like C31 Edelstahl EVF – Orange EVF Orange
C32 – Light bronze C32 Hellbronze EVF – Old pink EVF Altrosa
C33 – Medium bronze C33 Mittelbronze EVF – Raspberry red EVF Himbeerrot
C34 – Dark bronze C34 Dunkelbronze EVF – Bordeaux red EVF Bordeauxrot
C35 – Black C35 Schwarz EVF – Violet EVF Violett
Combination colouring   EVF – Anthracite blue EVF Anthrazitblau
 EVF – Blue EVF Blau EVF – Titanium grey EVF Titangrau


Colour samples on the screen may differ from reality. Please anodise the original in advance to check the colour (reference sample).